Do others offer a full range of services with several options for burial and cremation to accommodate a family’s financial needs?
    Will they work with you if there is a financial hardship?
    Will the funeral home file insurance claims and do they charge for this service?
    Will they offer a prompt response to any request that your family may have?
    Are phone calls answered 24 hours a day directly by the funeral home staff?
    Will a funeral home staff member transfer your loved one to the funeral home, rather than a removal service?
    Will you meet with a licensed funeral director to make immediate or future arrangements?

    Do they offer a comfortable setting for services of any size?
    Is a spacious reception area provided with refrigerator, microwave, and ample counter space?
    Do they update their facilities and décor often?
    Do they have handicap accessible facilities?
    Are all the areas that are accessed by your visitors on the main floor?
    Do they have well lit and ample parking areas?

    Do they have the ability for customization of funeral merchandise?
    Are casket color and interior changes available within a timely manner?
    Do other funeral homes have casket and vault display rooms?
    Do other funeral homes have a full line of floral selections to choose from?

    Are they attentive and accommodating to special financial situations?
    Do they answer questions regarding pricing in detail?
    Is it made clear what is included with services and what you will be charged extra for?

    Do they have an on-staff graphic designer?
    Do they specialize in creating personalized keepsakes such as photo collages, memorial candles, register books,
casket head panels, and memorial stationary?
    Do they have the ability to create a personalized memorial DVD to be viewed during visitation and on your loved one's online memory book?

    Does the funeral home offer a full service gift center that provides a full line of floral arrangements, pastry baskets,
memorial and personal keepsakes?
    Do they offer the convenience of online ordering for gift center items?
    Do they have the option to order catered meals for the family?

    Do they offer complimentary personalized obituary services on their website?
    Do they offer flat screen televisions installed in the visitation room to view video tributes?
    Do they offer a selection of children’s DVD’s to be viewed during the visitation?
    Do they offer complimentary wireless internet access?
    Do they have the option of webcasting available to their families?
    Will the funeral home offer the option to video tape the service for the family?