Healing from pet loss is hard, its a hurt that doesn't go away. You learn to live with it and from it. You can also learn from people and professionals that can help you with coping techniques. Below are some helpful articles about pet loss as well as some support groups.

Coping With the Death of Your Pet
By: The Humane Society of The United States, humanesociety.org

When a person you love dies, it's natural to feel sorrow, express grief, and expect friends and family to provide understanding and comfort.

Unfortunately, you don't always get that understanding when a pet dies. Some people still don't understand how central animals can be in people's lives, and a few may not get why you're grieving over "just a pet."...MORE

Four Steps to Take After Experiencing Pet Loss
By: Adam Clark LCSW, AASW, psychologytoday.com

​Experiencing the death of a pet is a profound experience of hardship and loss. In our modern era of technology and what can feel like an increasingly fast living pace, grieving a companion animal can quickly be overlooked. Grief doesn’t “come in a box” and cannot be easily ignored. In fact, ignoring or repressing our grief can impact our psychological and physical health....MORE

By: Grisha Stewart, grishastewart.com

To love a dog is to truly know the meaning of unconditional love. If you were lucky enough to share your life with a dog, especially a ‘soulmate dog’ who has passed or is nearing the end of life, then you also have the flip-side of such a strong relationship: grief. Every experience of grief is unique, so you can’t really be prepared for the loss of your dog....MORE