Our mission in launching the Rainbow Bridge Pet Remembrance Center is to help you honor your best friend as you would any other member of your family. As most of us are life-long animal lovers, we have always recognized that pets are also a very important part of the family, too. We too have been where you are now, filled with grief and loss over losing our animal friend. That’s why we are now extending the same level of care and trust you have come to know from us to your beloved companions as well.

Through pet cremation you are able to offer your lost pet a respectful and touching farewell. You may even find the keepsakes as a comforting reminder that your pet’s spirit will continue to shine on in your heart. Our promise to you is that we will be with you every step of the way and treat your pet with respect, sensitivity and gentleness.

Although we may own many animals over the course of our lives, sometimes we forge an everlasting, unbreakable bond. These special animals can be akin to a human soulmate. In the case of Magnum, he was undoubtedly to Angela Molnar-Ferguson and husband Larry Ferguson, their “heart dog.” He was incredible and greatly loved by the entire Molnar family. He was more than just a dog. He was their companion, protector and most importantly —- he was family.

After his unexpected and untimely passing, Angela and Larry felt driven to do something to honor his memory. And what better way than to offer pet aftercare services to families in need when their beloved companion passes? Thus the Rainbow Bridge Pet Remembrance Center was born. So in loving memory to Magnum, we are very excited to assist you in celebrating the life and memory of your pet whether they be furry, scaled or feathered.

Sophie - Loved by Renee and her family

Jackers - Loved by Pam and her family

Vincent - Loved by Kelsey and her family

Max and Cooper - Loved by the Molnar family

Bailey - Loved by Kelli and her family

Kevin Bacon - Loved by Dane and his family

Keiani - Loved by Sarah and her family

Shelter dog Spot - Loved by Tim

If you'd like to learn more about our team, you may do so by visiting Our Caring Team page.