Care & Dedication

Having The On~Site Crematory located within our Brownstown Chapel means that you can expect the same dedicated and professional care that Molnar Funeral Homes has provided for over four generations. We have contracted with The On~Site Crematory, a subsidiary of J&A Cremation, Inc., to be the exclusive crematory for the families that are served by Molnar Funeral Homes. The On~Site Crematory is staffed by Professional Crematory Specialists. They have exceptional procedures, policies and high standards. We work closely with The On~Site Crematory, teaming their professionals with our trusted Funeral Directors.  Your loved one will never leave our care. 

As more families are choosing cremation as a method of final disposition, we want you to be confident that we offer the level of care we feel our families deserve. Regardless of the type of visitation or services you choose, your loved one will remain under our direct supervision from the moment we bring them into our care, until the completion of the cremation process. 

It is very important to us that you experience peace in this most difficult time. We take care of your loved one as if they were a member of our own family. Every detail of the cremation process is thoroughly and meticulously handled.

Witness Cremation

There are several reasons for witnessing cremation from cultural, religious or spiritual to just needing assurance. We will do our best to accommodate every families wishes.

At our witness cremation window, family and friends can gather to say their final goodbye in a quiet, comfortable setting prior to the cremation taking place.

Cremation Options

Traditional Cremation: Much like a traditional funeral service, visitation occurs prior to the cremation process. 

Memorial Gathering: This can take place any time after the cremation process. 

Direct Cremation: Once the cremation has occurred, the cremated remains are returned to your family. You can then decide to scatter, bury, or retain the cremated remains in an urn.

Final Family Farewell

We are pleased to introduce our Final Family Farewell service. This option is ideal for families who do not wish to have a traditional gathering or service. It provides the chance for a small gathering of up to 20 people to have a final moment to say goodbye to their loved one and can help with the grieving process. We offer this service at any of our locations in a private, comfortable setting. When our Brownstown facility is chosen, families may also participate in witness cremation if they choose. 

Unique Memorial Presentations

Even the simplest of services can be made memorable and honor the life of a loved one.  We offer private, comfortable spaces where you will receive your loved one in a way that was fitting to their unique life. 

Our Promise

Courteous, professional service. Our caring, dedicated team handle of all details, including prompt filing of all necessary paperwork. Accurate completion of these essential documents not only ensures their acceptance by local or state agencies; it guarantees your loved one's cremation will not be delayed.

Respectful care of your loved one and timely completion. Your loved one will be attended to by certified crematory operators; each of whom has been trained to provide both compassionate care for the deceased, and conscientious attention to detail throughout the cremation process.

Prompt return of cremated remains. We know it's important for the families we serve to know their loved one will be coming home as soon as possible. That's why we promise to notify you as soon as their ashes become available, and keep their urn safe until the time you are ready to receive them.

A memorial service to celebrate the life of the your loved one. There are many advantages to taking some time to remember the life lived. Our team will gladly help you plan the perfect memorial service or celebration of life that honors their memory. 

We are with you from beginning to end