Basic Services of Funeral Director and Staff
~ Prompt Response to Initial Request for Service
~ Arrangement Conference with Family
~ Coordination with Clergy, Cemetery, and Other Participants
~ Securing All Documents from Hospice, Doctors, Medical Examiners and City Clerks
~ Supervising All Requested Services from Initial Request to Final Disposition

Embalming: Scientific Preparation, Preservation and Care for Viewing

Other Preparation: Dressing, Cosmetics, and Hairdressing

Use of Facilities for Visitation
~ Visitation for One Full Day Anytime Between the Hours of 12:00 PM and 9:00 PM

Use of Facilities and Staff for Funeral Ceremony

Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home

Funeral Coach to Cemetery or Crematory

U N I Q U E  S E R V I C E S  T H A T  A R E  I N C L U D E D

Personalized Online Services

A personalized page which includes your loved one’s obituary and phtograph
A page where the  the immediate family can share thoughts, memories, stories, and photos of their loved one.
 Family and friends have the opportunity to express their condolences and share special memories with the immediate family.
The family’s selection of their loved one’s most memorable photos presented as a moving tribute that is set to music.
Convenient links to social networking sites, making it easier to share information about your loved one with family and friends.