Tranquility Service

Evening Visitation - Next Day Funeral

Basic services

Service of Funeral Home and Staff

  • Prompt Response to Initial Request for Service

  • Arrangement Conference with Family 

  • Coordination with Clergy, Cemetery, and Other Participants Securing All Documents from Hospice, Doctors, Medical Examiners and City Clerks Supervising

  • All Requested Services from Initial Request to Final Disposition


  •  Scientific Preparation

  •  Preservation

  • Care for Viewing

Other Preparation

  • Dressing

  • Cosmetics

  • Hairdressing

Use of Facilities for Visitation

  • Visitation for one full day between the hours of 4 PM and 8 PM or 5 PM and 9 PM

Use of Facilities and Staff for Funeral Ceremony

Transfer of Remains to Funeral Home

Funeral Coach to Cemetery or Crematory

Unique Services

Unique services are the services that are included with this package. All of the below services are included when you choose this package.

family attendant

Our support staff is available during visitations and services to greet families and friends; and to facilitate 
a comfortable experience at our funeral home.Personalized obituary page

We provide the family with a personalized obituary keepsake which includes your loved one's service information,
survivors and photograph. memorial candle

All of our families are presented with a personalized memorial candle.Personal Tribute

We welcome and encourage families to personalize their loved one’s visitation and service by displaying items that
 are significant to their memory. Comforts of home

Our Reception areas provide families with a comfortable setting where you will always find a plate of freshly  
baked cookies for a snack with a cup of coffee.Military honors

We can arrange for Military Honors for Honorably discharged personnel from the military.
The honors usually consist of the presentation of the flag and rendition of taps.Assisting with visitation meals

We can arrange to have individual meals delivered for the family during the visitation.wireless internet

We realize the importance of keeping in touch in today’s busy society. As a result, we offer complimentary 
wireless internet to the families we service.Coordinating luncheons

Our professional staff will assist with coordinating funeral luncheons whether at a local church, restaurant or banquet facility. Aftercare Services

We will assist with filing insurance claims, Social Security paperwork, Veterans benefits, and any other documents 
​you need assistance with.Attorney contact information

We provide one session with our attorney to answer any questions you may have regarding closing an estate.Grief support

​We provide a community memorial service annually that is open to all families in the Downriver area.  
​We also are able to provide families with information about grief support groups in the area to assist them.