When choosing cremation, the choices you have for personalization are endless. Many people choose to reflect the personality of their loved one through an urn selection. There are many beautiful, artistic, and unique choices in a wide array of styles, sizes and materials. Many of our urns offer personalization that is befitting of your loved one's life. Above are just a few examples of the urns that we offer.

Urns are also available in smaller keepsake sizes to be displayed in a special place.

Regardless of your choice for the final disposition of cremated remains, several options are available to memorialize your loved one. You may choose to keep the cremains in an urn at home or you may decide to have a ground burial.

If you do choose to have a ground burial, the cemetery may require an urn vault for the urn to be placed in. Built of strong materials, an urn vault protects the urn from various physical conditions thus providing long lasting protection over time.