Being a distinguished veteran honorably discharged from the U.S. Military, you are eligible to receive several benefits from the Veterans Administration and your counties Soldiers and Sailors Relief Benefit (eligibility requirements need to be met). Our professional staff will gladly assist you in determining what benefits you and your family are personally eligible to receive. 

Please call us at 734-284-1600 to set up an appointment to review benefit eligibility.

Honorably discharged personnel from the military or Reservists and National Guard members who have served on active duty are eligible to receive military honors at their funeral service. Military Honors usually consists of the presentation of the flag and a rendition of taps. The honors are performed by a local area veterans group or active members of the military when available.  If there is a burial, funeral honors traditionally happens at the cemetery. If there is not a burial, military honors may be done at the end of a service at the church or funeral home.

The Veterans Administration provides an American flag, acquired by us, to drape the casket or or folded into a triangle and placed over the left shoulder. After the service, the flag will be presented to the next of kin. 

Eligible veterans and armed forces members who pass while on active duty are eligible for burial in a Veterans Administration National Cemetery.  Great Lakes National Cemetery, in Holly, is the nearest cemetery to our area. 

The Veterans Administration will provide a grave opening and closing, grave liner and grave marker to the veteran and their spouse. If the veteran chooses cremation, the Veterans Administration will provide a niche for the cremated remains

Who Qualifies?

  • A veteran who was honorably discharged from the U.S. Military with DD214 discharge papers
  • A service member who died while on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty for training
  • The spouse or minor child of a veteran, even if the veteran died first
  • In some cases, the unmarried adult dependent child of a veteran



We are proud to honor the memory of our families' loved ones who have served our nation.

Our Veterans Memorial tribute page is dedicated to the memory of men and women of the U.S. Military.

May we always remember those who have gone before us and served our country to bring about a better world.