How to Start to Pre-Plan a Funeral

We Are Honored to Be With You

At Molnar Funeral Homes we have staff dedicated to process of pre-planning a funeral.  We are passionate about giving you all the information and guidance we can so that you can plan with confidence and ease. Our pre-planning staff will work with you each step of the way assuring you that everything will be planned according to your wishes.

Below are a few ways you can start the process. Once you have given this the needed consideration time, call us or schedule an appointment to begin the best gift you can give your family, peace of mind when you pass.

When is the Best Time to Pre-Plan

Now. When is the best time to pre- plan? Many people start to think about their funeral needs when they are approaching retirement or when the kids have finished college and you are at your peak earning window in your late 40’s to early 50’s.  This is when you can spend on yourself and give a gift of peace of mind to your loved ones at the same time.

Choosing the Right Funeral Home

While it may seem that selecting a funeral home is just a choice of what’s closest or most affordable there are other things to consider.  Do you have special religious or cultural requirements? If you want a viewing or service, will you need a large facility with ample parking, high-tech video screens, or handicap-accessibility? Is price a critical factor? How flexible is your budget? If you or your family used a funeral firm in the past, how satisfied were you?

Here at Molnar’s we pride ourselves in providing the most dignified funeral at a price point that is set to your budget.  Our in-house services allow us to keep costs down and quality high.  Please take the time to do your research because we are certain we have the experience and knowledge to be your first choice when you have weighed your options.

Gather Memories

Now that you are in the beginning stages of pre-planning your funeral, this is a good time to do a little reminiscing.  Get out the old photos and albums, cards and letters, keepsakes you have had your entire life and start to put together a memory box that can be used for your funeral.  Get together with family and friends to retell stories so you can add more stories to the box for everyone to go through when attending your service.  Photos of you and your favorite people, write letters to individuals who mean a lot so they have the gift of your words when you are gone.  Insert a checklist in the box so that the correct distribution of the items can be done after you are gone. 

Memories are the foundation of who we are and need to shared and loved.

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