Things to Consider When Preparing to Plan a Funeral

How much do you feel comfortable spending? There are many things to consider when thinking about a funeral budget. There are a wide variety of services and selections to choose from to make your funeral affordable. 

Funeral Home options
From cremation to burial, visitation to reception there are many options available 


Cremation or Burial
Difference- cost- 

How much can I pre-plan?...Flowers?

How can i be sure all my wishes are going to happen?
Funeral Rep

Pre-pay vs Not
All at once, installments?

what kind of documents do i need?

What paperwork do I need? Will you help?

what does it cover? 


What if I don't pre-plan?

Is a will the way?- the last say?


Unanticipated unforseeable changes- Whats not gaurenteed if i pre pay


Why Plan Ahead?  

What is Preplanning? 

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Things to Consider

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