Part of pet ownership means that to your pet, you are often their world. As such, they trust you to make decisions on their behalf —- even the difficult ones. As you adjust to this change in life, you may be wondering how to best honor and celebrate the memory of your companion.  At Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Center, we understand how difficult it is to say goodbye to a true friend. When you choose us, you can be rest assured that the care of your pet will be overseen by our caring staff of funeral professionals. We are here to guide you through creating a distinctive pet cremation or burial service. We offer a variety of ways for you to say your final goodbye from cremation or burial choices, private viewings and personalized memorial products. No matter what your wishes may be for your pets aftercare service, you can trust us to be with you every step of the way to guide you through the difficult process with compassion, dignity and sensitivity.

Choosing cremation allows you a greater freedom in deciding how to best memorialize your pet and their final resting place. You may choose to keep cremated remains at home, buried, or even scattered in a meaningful place. For a more in depth view of the packages we have to offer and to view the selection of urns we offer, please visit our Packages & Urns page.


Private cremation provides you the opportunity to bring home your pet’s cremated remains. When you select this private cremation, your pet will be the only pet in the cremation chamber during the cremation process. The benefit of this is that we can ensure that the cremated remains you receive are of only your pet.


Communal cremation is an option if you don’t wish to receive the cremated remains of your pet. Your pet will be gently placed into the cremation chamber along with other pets. Since you wouldn’t be receiving your pets cremated remains, you may wish to consider one of our personalized memorial keepsakes.

When you choose communal cremation, your pet will be buried at the beautiful Whispering Pines Pet Cemetery located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. While your pet won't specifically be identified, there are markers denoting the designated areas should you choose to visit. This cemetery is located at;

943 Wray Court
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48198  

Whether loss has occurred at home or at your Veterinarian’s office, whenever you are ready give us a call and our caring team will come bring your pet into our care. After that call you can expect;

A dignified container for transportation and cremation.

Your pet will be brought into our care the same day from either your home or clinic ensuring no freezer storage.

Transportation is provided by our staff utilizing clean vans.

A completely private cremation (if you choose) of your pet only.

Each pet is identified and tracked using family signatures and stainless steel ID tags so you can know with confidence that it is your pet and only your pet that you receive.

Return of cremains by our staff to your home or in a private, dedicated area located within any of our facilities.

Cremains will be returned to you in a basic wooden urn with optional engraving, or in one of the many upgraded urns you may choose from.