Family Testimonials

Many of our families will express to us how they felt about 
the services provided from the Molnar Team.
​Please take a moment to read what others have to say about us.

“Just want to thank you for the compassion you showed to our family. We greatly appreciate your kindness, generosity, but truly all your support during this difficult time for us. Obviously, this has not been an easy time for the family, but with your overwhelming guidance, you have made things a little more bearable. Once again thank you and we appreciate everything your family has done for our family."

The Chavis Family

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love, your understanding, and your comfort when my mom passed. The beautifully crafted picture collage you created will be treasured forever. I am sincerely grateful for you and your family for taking such good care of all my family
I am forever indebted to you.”

Karen Gates

“I had to pick a funeral home quickly, so I picked based on location, and then which in the area seemed the nicest. We received a lot of comments that we “picked well.” So thank you! You do great work!! I appreciate all of your patience while we dealt with the sudden loss of our loved one.

Nicole Bock

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for all you did for us. The facilities are second to none and the staff was wonderful! Your attention to detail helped us make our tribute to dad all it could be. Twice in the last hour I have received calls from people stating how nice the services were and how beautiful the funeral home was. You helped us in our darkest hour and I won’t forget it. Thanks again for your part in helping give dad a beautiful send-off!”

Many Blessings,

Shawn MacDonnell and Family

“Once again, Mr. Molnar came through for our family (especially my Mother) and on behalf of my Mom and Dad my personal gratitude to all of you.
Thank you for making a very difficult situation easier.

Tori Phillips

"The location was suitable for all family members and your funeral home took care of my in-laws, and we were so happy then. The staff was excellent in every way possible. Thank you for getting us through this difficult time."

Debra McDermott

"We are so grateful for everything you did to arrange our father's funeral. I was so amazed that you got so much done in just a day. The service with the Honor Guard was very nice. Everything was taken care of and we as the family didn't have to worry about anything! You are amazing people to do what you do at a time of sadness.
You truly bring comfort." 
Sonja, Vanessa, Patricia, and Gregory

The Family of Arnollis Daniels, Jr.

"Arrangements could not have been handled better, nor could our needs have been fulfilled any more than they were. You and your staff made our very difficult day as smooth and problem-free as possible. No problems arose despite the fact that three of us shared the duties and responsibilities of my husband’s funeral-myself, my daughter and my granddaughter.

The facilities are excellent and, as always, well-kept and comfortable.

Thank you for making helpful suggestions, while allowing us to make decisions that were comfortable for us and meaningful to my late husband.

Our family has dealt with the Nixon Funeral Home for many years and knew that when the time came again, we could put our trust in it. Our relationship has gone on for many years, including the funeral of my father. For example, I have known Chris Stieler for many years, and remember him bringing obit notices to me at the News-Herald when I was a fledgling reporter and he was newly in the business.

Initially, I was surprised to hear that Molnar had taken over the operation, but the excellent service has continued and I would not hesitate to use the facility again and/or recommend it to family members, friends and acquaintances.

Thank you again for your helpfulness and the professionalism and kindness shown to our family."

Joan M. Dyer

"The staff couldn’t have been more compassionate; they made such a nightmare situation more bearable. I was impressed at the formal attitude; it was a reverence. At the time, I didn’t pay any attention, really. But in hindsight, I very much appreciate the reverence. Everything could not have been more perfect. The staff was always available and so sincere!"

Andrea Dumasius

"Thank you for the wonderful preparations you made for our mother Marjorie Kato. She looked lovely. Mother would be very grateful for everything you did perfectly. The flowers were gorgeous. The story photo presentation was touching. Thank you for the DVD photo presentation keepsake, the candle, the announcement on line, in the lobby, and guest registry. Our family and friends will always remember how special this celebration of her 
89 years was because of you."

Arlene Beheler, Alex and Phyllis Kato The Family of Marjorie Kato

"We compared two funeral homes; one thing we really appreciated was that we dealt with an actual director from your funeral home and his caring manner. We felt that at the other funeral home we had contacted, we were dealing with a salesperson
and it was impersonal. The viewing and service went off so well and we were given so much
caring attention."

Jacqueline Adkins

Dear John and Angela,

Your organization recently handled the arrangements for my mother, Anne McElroy, at your Thon Chapel in Wyandotte. I wanted to take a moment to convey to you both how comforting it was to have worked with your staff, and in particular Adrienne Marcath.

 Adrienne’s warmth, sincerity, kindness, and compassion were exemplary. She served both your organization, and her clients, well. Her professionalism and demeanor was deeply appreciated by my siblings, our families, and me. She helped make a time of tremendous sorrow easier and less stressful, and for that we are all very grateful. She is a terrific representative of both you, and your businesses.

My family has had a relationship with Thon’s since the 60’s. They served us when my grandfather, father, and brother passed. We had expectations when we contracted with the funeral home to handle the arrangements for our mother and I can honestly say they were surpassed.

I look back and from the time my mothers’ remains were transferred to your mortuary, working through all the details, and the care taken in preparing her remains for viewing, and without exception my family was very pleased with how every detail was handled.

So thank you, thank Adrienne, and the rest of the staff for all the kindnesses and considerations that were given.

Warm regards,

Michael McElroy

Dear Larry and Angela,

Our Family would like to thank you for the time and patience you took in setting up the funeral arrangements for Marty. 

The way you and your staff arranged the room for viewing was very special. We had many wonderful comments on the collages, picture album, flowers, set up of the jerseys and everything. We would especially like to thank Angela for the way she prepared the book for Becky. Also, thank you for the framed memorial collage for both of us. It is beautiful. Thanks again. 

Paul and Loretta Pryba

Angela and Larry,

Sending the two of you a HUGE hug for taking care of our family. Thank you for your guidance, generosity, accommodation and friendship. We appreciate that you took care of every detail of Pam's services to make things run so smoothly. You are amazing care givers and we are blessed to have you in our lives.  

The Bonham Family

Dear Larry and staff, 

A word of thanks for all of your support and words of encouragement during our grandmother's funeral. You made everything so smooth. We appreciate all you did during this difficult time! We are lucky to know you! Thank you and God Bless. 

The Whites


Everything was absolutely beautiful and very professional. We cannot thank you enough. Pete was excellent! We want to extend our sincere thanks and gratitude to him for helping us through this difficult time. My son's funeral was beautiful. Everything about the services was excellent. I have family and friends still commenting on what a beautiful funeral it was and what a beautiful funeral home to host it. 

The Foggia Family

Larry Ferguson is very professional and very good at his job. My wife picked The Thon Center -- We had both been there several times, and we both liked the idea of a single service at one time. Stellar job!

Clary-Vos Family

The staff was absolutely fantastic; they were very professional and kind. Jennifer was the best, patient, kind, and sensitive, we loved her. The staff  were kind, caring and knowledgeable. The flowers were displayed beautifully. My mother liked Molnar Funeral Homes more than any other. An experience that was sad and our hearts were heavy but your funeral home eased our pain in every way. Thank you on the behalf of my mother and the family of Lena BrockwayLena J. Brockway Family

Your Staff made things extremely easy at a difficult time. We've used Thon for all of our funeral arrangements, starting in 1962. The quality of the service keeps getting better as well as the appearance of the facility. I would recommend Molnar to anyone. 

Joyce Schafer Family

Dear Molnar family and staff, 

My family had received your survey after the passing of my father James D. Sutherland. I didn't feel that the survey allowed for enough room to tell you what a wonderful experience that you had given my family. The services that you are providing are among the most important in a person's life. People would say that the doctor that brought you into the world is the most important but I also believe that fulfilling the wishes of your loved one that has passed is just as important not only for the one that is gone but for the one's left behind. You and your staff do this with grace and dignity that helps that families go on with their lives knowing that they have fulfilled the last wishes of their loved ones. In and that of itself is a wonderful service that you provide to the community.

My father James D. Sutherland was a member of the Wyandotte community for most of his life. He lived on Elm Street growing up, attended St. Joe's Catholic Church and graduated from St. Pat's. My grandparents remained in Wyandotte for their entire life and were engaged parts of the community. Both my grandparents were honored at Thon's before going to their final resting place also. You are probably asking why this is important to a person who has just lost their father. Well community is one of the most important things in my life also. I grew up in the downriver area but moved to Rochester Hills as an adult. I work for the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce in Rochester, MI and have taken with me the zest of being involved in your community as the rest of my family does who have remained in the downriver area. Being in Wyandotte the day of my father's funeral with my children the statement that kept being said was "Mom this just like home". I strive everyday to make my children's experiences just like my when I was growing up. With that being said, words cannot express the gratitude that I feel for your business and your employees at this time.

The experience that we had at Thon's Chapel was above and beyond what people would expect at their time of loss. Jennifer was accommodating and genuinely considerate of what our wishes as families were and that they were carried out. My father was a very simple man and not one for having much attention showered on him. The service that we requested mirrored his wishes exactly. But you and your staff went a step beyond in having someone meet me at the chapel when I first arrived the day of the showing, to having my father taken back to the chapel in the hearse the day of the mass.

Please accept my sincere gratitude on making one of the hardest days of my adult life so much easier. Being the oldest of the family a lot of the responsibly falls on my shoulders and you and your staff allowed me the ability to be able to be there for my mother, sister and children during this time of sorrow.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me honor my father's last wishes and giving my family the closure that is needed at the time of death.

Margaret M. Sutherland-Bobitz

I had been to your funeral home for other people and I was very impressed. We received many compliments about Molnar, especially from family members out of state. We definitely would recommend you to others. 

God Bless You! 

James Holiday Family

Jen was very sweet, thorough, complete, compassionate and kind. She always had answers and if she was not sure she checked on it promptly. Your facilities are warm and have a beautiful fireplace. There was plenty of room for our family. Everything was perfect in every way including every detail. I never felt confused but I did feel taken care of. 

Thelma Fuch's Family

We selected Molnar Funeral Home based on reputation. My father was laid out at Molnar Funeral Homes and it was a very good experience with the staff. I was very pleased with how everything turned out for my husband, William Shaw. Everyone was so polite and courteous.

Thank you, 

The Shaw Family

You have helpful staff and nice greeters, they all went the extra mile to make sure we were taken care of. We are very pleased how everything was handled. All of the services and the whole setting was wonderful. Larry, thank you for all your help. You are well known for the thoughtful and caring way you handle families.  

Linda Palermo

My husband and I were in Florida when Matthew died and Chris handled everything for us. Such a relief. Chris Stieler is an asset to Nixon’s. He took care of my Dad in 2008. In 2018 he took care of my husband and his son. The staff is so friendly and helpful. We chose Molnar Funeral Homes because of our relationship with a staff member and they had served our family before. The care and compassion my family and I have received from Chris and the staff has been overwhelming. I will always recommend Nixon’s!

My parents prepaid and everything was taken care of per Mom’s wishes. Everyone was kind and so nice to our family. The staff were wonderful, they spent time talking with us and seemed  like old friends. The service we received was excellent. Your staff treated us like family and made things so much easier. God bless all of you.

Sharon Alderman

Larry can multitask like there was nothing to it. Larry did an excellent job during a sad situation. He put me and my family at ease. He took care of us since we did not know what to do. We chose Molnar Funeral Homes because they had previously served my family. Once again, Larry did an exceptional job. The service was great. All and all we are pleased and would definitely refer Molnar to anyone. Thank you, Steve.

Dear Mr. Ferguson,

    On behalf of the City of Wyandotte and the Wyandotte Police Department, I want to extend our thanks and gratitude for all the support and compassion we received from the Molnar family, you and your staff during the funeral services for Detective Jay Sharpes. This large ceremonial service was not easy to manage in such a short few days but it was accomplished with you and your professional staffs help.

    It was a tribute to Jay that will be long remembered by his family and all the police officers who came to say goodbye. Our police department has a great relationship with the Nixon Chapel staff and we cannot thank you and all of them enough for everything they had done for us during this time of loss.

    Again, thank you for assisting us in paying tribute to Jay and his 17 years of service to our community.

I cannot express my praise enough for your staff. What a ministry. I pray that our precious Lord will will continually bless you. Thank you Mike. (Don had lost so much weight and I was relieved when I saw him on Sunday--) He was my best friend, thank you for making him look good. Mike thank you for taking my Don to his resting place. Again, it is hard to express my gratitude. The setting was beautiful, and Mike’s prayer really touched my heart. Mike I thank you for kindness and compassion at this time. I have been a greeter at church for years and every time I walked into your funeral home I felt the peace that passes all understanding. We picked Molnar Funeral Homes because of your excellent reputation. We were very blessed by Molnar Funeral Home.

To The Molnar Staff,

Thank you from the bottom of our heart for everything you did for our family during the visitation of our son, Todd Miller. We will never forget your kindness and compassion in making sure all of our needs were met.


Kevin and Wanda Miller

John, Angela, and Molnar Staff,

Thanks for the lovely service and the great job your staff did. It made a trying time much easier.

Thank you,

Carol Consiglio & Family

Dear Staff of Molnar Funeral Home Nixon,

I want to thank you for all the time you spent with my family. Explaining each step helped us make decisions and feel in control of a very hard situation.

Thank you!

Family of Tamara Wolske

Larry, the Molnar staff, and receptionist were so attentive and caring to our needs and desires. Our mother, Irene Ritter, looked as perfect as her picture. What a beautiful way for us to remember her looking just like she was sleeping. Larry, thank you for sending mom off in a wonderful and beautiful way, according to her wishes! The total staff was very professional caring, and attentive. We chose Molnar Funeral Homes because they provided the services for our father, Harold Ritter. My mom, Irene, adored the Molnar and Ferguson families. The preparation, presentation and total service was perfect. Thank you. The Ritter and Langland families.

Thank you for all you did for us and more. You provided all the care and kindness needed at this time. Your professionalism and your class cannot be matched.

We chose Molnar Funeral Homes because we have a loyalty to Nixon’s. Can’t say enough about the professionalism and dignity of services provided.

Dear Staff and Family,

Thank you so much for making the Home Going of our Mother a lovingly, memorable time. You created a comfortable, relaxing setting, making it easy to visit with family and friends or to slip away for refreshments when needed and a place for the children to be entertained. We appreciate the beautiful red rose bud in the vase, adding to the lovely setting, and the helpfulness of everyone. You continue to be a blessing to our family. Love through Christ,
Debbie, Jarry, Dan and Jack and the family of Georgia 'Mickey' Fugate

To The Molnar Staff,

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family. I feel you have gone above and beyond with all of your help. You’re very compassionate.

The Bowler Family