AnchorWe know that you have many choices when it comes to selecting a funeral home. For over four generations our family has taken pride in providing exceptional service and beautifully appointed facilities. Our caring and professional staff will also go to great lengths to assist your family in creating a personalized and unique service for your loved one. 

We feel that it is very important when choosing your family funeral home that you consider the information below. These are just some of the ways that set our funeral home apart from others in our area. Feel free to view our Testimonials page to see what the families we have served have to say about us. 

Personalized Services

We have a full range of personalized services with several options for burial and cremation. No matter your beliefs, we are here to assist you to create a unique service that is fitting for the life of your loved one.

Personalizing your loved one's visitation room is encouraged. Many families choose to bring in picture boards, set up memory tables, or bring in items that help tell their loved one's unique story. We can arrange Military Honors for the Honorably Discharged veterans and if you wish we can assist with coordinating a funeral luncheon whether at one of our facilities, a local church, restaurant, or banquet hall. 

One of our Licensed Funeral Directors are available by phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will never have to worry, whenever you need us we will be able to help. We respond promptly to any request that you or your family may have.

We will assist in filing life insurance claims, veteran's benefits, social security paperwork or any other documents in which you may need assistance. Many of our professional staff are notaries, enabling the ease of processing your paperwork. We also provide one session with our attorney to answer any questions you may have regarding closing an estate.

Aftercare Services

We are here for you even after all the services are over. We will provide you with all the information you need moving forward through our Stepping Stones Aftercare program. We also have a list of grief support groups throughout our communities. Every year to honor our loved ones we hold an annual community memorial service for all families in the Downriver area. 

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In today’s cost-conscious society, expenses are an important consideration. We are confident that if you carefully compare our costs of merchandise and exceptional services they will be comparable, if not lower, than other funeral homes in our area. 


Our caring and professional funeral directors  will answer any questions regarding pricing, in detail with no obligation. 

We are sensitive to every families financial circumstances. By offering many service and merchandise options, we strive to accommodate every families needs. It is our goal that every  family has a unique and personalized service. 

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Graphic Design Center

Our on-site graphic designers have a passion for helping families create a unique, personalized and meaningful service that honors your loved one's life.
Because they are right here in our offices we can create truly personalized and unique services for your loved one. From Memorial Folders to Casket Head Panels everything will be unique to your loved one. 

You're loved one will also have their own Obituary page on our website. On this obituary page family and friends are able to post photos, share memories and send condolences. It is a way to keep your loved one's memories alive. 

Whether you decide to make a picture board or bring in special memorabilia we will assist you in creating a personalized visitation room that honors your loved one.


State of the Art Facilities

Our goal is to make families as comfortable as possible in our funeral homes. We want you to feel as though our facilities are an extension of your own home. You will find updated decor and beautiful furnishings for any size gathering. Below you can read highlights of our chapels and for more information on each individual chapel go to our facilities pages.

Southgate and Brownstown Chapels have spacious library rooms with peaceful aquariums that provide a place for quiet reflection. 

Nixon Chapel is the only funeral home in our community that has a formal chapel. The chapel was architecturally designed to replicate a church-like setting and is surrounded by beautiful stained glass windows.

The Thon Center has been renovated to preserve the historical integrity, as well as, offering many modern conveniences. The Center is designed to accommodate one private event, at a time.

Every family will have their own lounge area with a comfortable setting where you will always find a plate of freshly baked cookies for a snack to have with a cup of coffee.

All of our chapels are handicap accessible, lounges and restrooms are located on the first floor. The chapels also have well lit ample parking areas. 

We offer complimentary WiFi throughout the funeral homes, as well as, flat screen televisions that are installed in the visitation rooms to view video tributes.


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Selections of Merchandise

Our chapels offer on-site selection areas for personalization of funeral merchandise including, but not limited to:

  • - Caskets
  • - Outer Burial Containers
  • - Urns
  • - Markers and Monuments
  • - Keepsake Jewelry
  • - Flowers
  • - Flag Cases
  • - Customized Memorial Stationary
  • - DVDs
  • - Memorial Candles 
  • - Customized Photo Collages
  • - Memorial Gifts and Keepsakes


We offer a full selection of locally distributed caskets, enabling us to customize colors, interiors, exteriors, and personalized head panels in a timely manner.

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​Our full-service gift center, Treasured Memories and Remembrance Center, offers 

  • Floral Arrangements

  • Gift Selections

  • Pastry Baskets

  • Deli Trays and Other Meal Selections 

  • Memorial Keepsakes

  • Personal Keepsakes

We also offer the convenience of online ordering through our website or we can personally place an order for you over the phone.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our gift center at 734-284-1600.

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Lounge and Reception Areas 

Our lounge and reception areas provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. It is our mission to make you feel that our funeral homes are an extension of your home. 


Every family will have their own lounge area with a comfortable setting where you will always find a plate of freshly baked cookies for a snack to have with a cup of coffee.

We provide a refrigerator, microwave, and ample counter space. 

We can assist with having a selection of meal options delivered to the funeral home during visitation for the family and  guests.


Reception Areas

Several of our facilities have reception areas where we are able to have luncheons immediately following funeral services, making it easy and convenient for your family. 

We will assist with catering options, whether it will be our caterer or a caterer of your choice. 

Our catering choices include a variety of options including anything from simple hor d'ourves to a complete meal selection.

Our Caring

and Professional TeamAnchor

The Molnar Funeral Homes team is driven by the customer service we provide to our families. They are always available to answer any questions that you may have. 

Our licensed funeral directors have over 150 years of combined funeral service experience.

Many of our funeral directors are actively involved in the community through various civic memberships, volunteer organizations, municipal departments, and faith-related memberships. 

Not only do our directors enjoy these organizations, they also take great pride with being involved in the community.