WRITE A LETTER, POEM, OR SONG to your loved one. You can either keep this to yourself or share it with family and friends.

DESIGNATE A SCRAPBOOK CREATOR and have you and other family members send them photos, quotes, notes, etc. to be put in a book.

FRAME A PIECE of your loved ones favorite garment. Alternatively, you can create a teddy bear, doll, or blanket using clothing.

CREATE A COLLAGE or memory boards. You could also send photos to Molnar Funeral Homes to create a custom canvas collage to have at the future memorial service.

COLLECT MEMENTOS, photos, drawings, letters and other memorabilia to display in a wall cabinet or glass-topped coffee table.

SEW, KNIT, CROCHET, QUILT or embroider a memory quilt or wall tapestry.

CREATE A MEMORY BOX to fill with mementos that remind you of your loved one.